Di West
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Artist Di West
Title Monumental Task
Medium Bronze
Support Granite/Marble
Height 26cm
Width 18cm
Depth 6cm
Price Enquiries Welcome
Edition Number of 20
Editioned By Perides Foundry
From the Exhibition Frankly Speaking Again! - Stratton St.Studio

This work resulted as i notices a pair of workmen attempt to clean a monument from bird droppings. At the very moment the man standing on the ladder reached forward to clean the top of the monuments head, a bird landed on his head........obnviously it is a never-ending chore, and I enjoyed the humour of the situation.

In the sculpture, a tiny figure holds the ladder, standing at its base; and looks up at the figure standing on the ladder who holds a cleaning cloth and tiny bucket.

The whole sculpture is bronze, with figures, bird, bucket and ladder being carved by hand with each new edition, making every new work completely unique. Signed and editioned by the artist.

The patina of the two figures and the ladder is a beautiful greenish/gold which has been espoecially created for my work.....the monument is a warm brown colour.



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