Di West
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SCULPTURE - New Series - "The Everyman" (and sometimes his Dog)________________________________________________________________________________________

"The Everyman" (and sometimes his Dog)  is a new series I have created which basically relates to people watching. I love to observe people, doing everyday things and once again metaphors play a part in my work, as does humour and playfulness.  The works in this series are smaller than I have previously made, inasmuch as they don't have to sit on a plinth or be displayed as such.......these works are fun being displayed on a coffee table, a desk or a window ledge.  The wonderful foundry that finishes my work have introduced a small amount of colour to these works which adds to their interest. They are all in editions of 20.  

Gone With the Wind
Moving House
He Aint Heavy, He's My Other
Something on My Mind
Drawing a Crowd